DAN ITF (Dan ITF Tae Kwon Do) is a martial arts club located in Hvidovre (Copenhagen), Denmark.

We offer adult programs for all levels of skill. We currently offer martial arts classes in Tae Kwon Do. We encourage the participation of women, men, children and parents, because everyone can benefit from the study of Martial Arts and use it as a positiv phenomenon in thier life.

DAN ITF are willing to help and guide you trough the basics of Tae Kwon- Do and its principles, from the very beginning to the advanced levels.

After many years struggle and hard work to reach our goals in many fields, as we had desire to reach it.

DAN ITF is one of those goals and dreams, which come true and finally on 25th. October 2014 officially registerd, both in INTERNATIONAL TAEKWON- DO FEDERATION, Korea " The homeland of Taekwondo" and of course Denmark.

DAN ITF is the only organisation who have the ability, permission and authority to permit and help other clubs, schools, dojangs etc to train Taekwondo ITF in Denmark.


1. Courtesy (Ye Ui)

Taekwon-Do students should attempt to be polite to one another and to respect others. Students should address instructors as Sir and to bow to the instructors before and after classes. Turning up early or on time for classes is also an aspect of courtesy.

2. Integrity (Yom Chi)

One who has integrity is able to define what is right or wrong and have the conscience, if wrong, to feel guilt. Taekwon-Do students should strive to be honest and to live by moral principles.

3. Perseverance (In Nae)

Perseverance means having patience. One of the most important secrets of becoming a leader in Taekwon-Do is to overcome every difficulty by perseverance. Confucius said," One who is impatient in trivial matters can seldom achieve success in matters of great importance."

4. Self-Control (Guk Gi)

Without self-control, a Taekwon-Do student is just like any fighter in the street. Loss of self-control is disastrous both in sparring and personal affairs. "The term of stronger is the person who wins over oneself rather than someone else", Lao Tzu.

5. Indomitable Spirit (Baekjul Boolgool)

A true student of Taekwon-Do will never give up, not even when faced with insurmountable odds. The most difficult goals can be achieved with indomitable spirit.