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Mr. Abdollah Alizadeh

He was born on 25.12.1972 in Kabul the capital of Afghanistan. He started schooling in 1979 at Abu-Ali Ibne Seena (Avicenna) High school in Kabul.

He had joined his favorite sport ITF Tae Kwon- Do, beside his study in in 1985 under instruction of Mr. Anwar Yousufi (Vice President of Afghan ITF), Mr. Omid Sakhi and Mr. Abdul Hamid Madadi (President of Afghan ITF).

Since 1985 continuously, he practice Tae Kwon- Do under any circumstances and hard situations and developde himself as a good sportsman and it succed him to reach his targets one after one with excelent results.

May you know that Afghanistan is the battle field for decades and its history is witness for many invasions (Alexander of Macedon, Genghis Khan, Arabs, Persians, Britain, Soviet Union and.....) and wars.

In last three decades, since Soviet invasion and after that, Afghanistan faces many civil wars, specially after, what Mujahedin took over the power in Kabul and there after continued the ethnic war between different groups, many Afghans left the country and forced to live in exile.

During that time (1992), all of the instructors left the country as well and lived in exile, then he took care of ITF Tae Kwon- Do club (School) in Kabul and continued Tae Kwon- Do training for all students about one year and stay ahead their collective.

The problems and civil war became worse, and in 1993 he had to leave Afghanistan for Pakistan as many others, and met Mr. Asadullah Oriakhil “One of the very first ITF Tae Kwon- Do Masters in Afghanistan”, and he got his Black belt with the percentage of 98.9 and it was the 1st position, which presented by Mr. Asadullah Oriakhil.

When he moved to Iran, he started to teach Tae Kwon- Do for some Afghan refugees in Tehran, and shared his experience and knowledge with them until moving to Denmark (2004).

After many years in this field and experiences in trainig ITF Tae Kwon- Do, he is now the Head & President of DAN ITF in Denmark.

He actively teaching Tae Kwon- Do, in Denmark and have a very close relations with International Tae Kwon- Do Federation (ITF HQ), Korea “The Homeland of Taekwon-Do ”.

Abdollah Alizadeh